< There is a wound that's always bleeding..
Be curios!   Well. thing everyone knows about me is pretty simple and that is, I really like beer. I'm interested in music, anime, science fiction movies and writing. I'm pretty amazed with Marquis De Sade and his description of naked human nature. Actually, that's really disgusting. We are all animals in some way, with dark, hidden demons which haunt us through whole life. Please not be offended as I write this : I despise God and Church and whole concept of religion as opium for masses, I'm not going to be a part of that crap, ever. But I do respect other people and their religion. I like to argue a lot because I'm aggressive cunt, but even tough I seem like complicated and closed person I open my heart to my close friends and family. Music is my source of happiness which guides me through life, furthermore it's my everything. I adore crossover and thrash metal and all kinds of metal, to be precise and I also like to listen classical music, rock and punk. I hate modern crap because I'm true old school mother fucker :P( just kidding I hate when people judge someone by that) I like to study about complexion of human mind and sickness which can be found in it, I'm simply amazed with serial killers and killers in general. I like philosophy very much and I enjoy it. Among my interests there are also history, ways of torture,, aliens, space, literature,mosh pits and CHAINSAWS *.* I'm out - going, aggressive, friendly, stubborn person, often I describe myself as stupid. I like to hang out and go on concerts and drink. A LOT. I'm 17 and I'm from Croatia. If you want to know more, just ask me, I do not bite.
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